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Unequivocally the Best Holiday Gift Ideas of 2020: Personalized Perfection

Every year there is an incursion of parents and holiday shoppers looking for the quintessential gift that imparts affordability without seeming impersonal. They need a gift that is functional - knickknacks are novel, but they usually end up taking up space in a box or on a shelf. Everyone falls into the last minute desperation where they wonder if just a greeting card with a few dollars will be enough. Instead, why not vie for the simple solution: something that is not only useful, purposeful, and well-made, but also demonstrates attentiveness to the recipient's individuality? Look no further, as this assemblage of personalized gifts is your go-to solution for this holiday season.

Affordably Simple Necessities

This year has been rife with the necessity of a simplistic, all in one solutions for gift giving. From the student looking for ways to display their ingenuity, to the perfectionist who needs to stay on top of their daily to-do list, to the business person on their way to another meeting; they all share the same necessity. What better way to add flare to necessity with:
  • a personalized notebook
  • a personalized mousepad
  • an engraved pen

These everyday items are exactly that - something used daily, but with the added benefit of being an expression of the individual. Perfect for the office or your new home classroom, these three items will leave an impression. Imagine a homeschooler riffling through their school supplies to find a moment of glee seeing their special, personalized notebook, or writing their notes with their individualized pen, or even joining their virtual classroom using their customized mousepad? These gifts will turn a redundant daily routine into something much more than a memory of yet another generic holiday mug or pair of socks. Not only that, but the multipurpose characteristics of these items makes the gift all the more rewarding; use them for work or leisure. The inherent affordability of such a knock-out present will leave shoppers just as happy as the recipient, if not more. Shoppers are realizing that these versatile presents aren't limited to any single demographic either. If they can give one to their homeschooler, they can get one for a working spouse, or even for themselves! The excitement of receiving a personalized gift can only be rivaled by the sharing of holiday cheer.

Pros and Cons of Personalized Notebooks, Mousepads, and Pens


  • Affordable
  • Personalized
  • Original/Thoughtful
  • Useful
  • Multifunctional
  • Memorable


  • One isn't always enough
The facts speak for themselves; for 2020 these are gifts to buy. With the holidays right on top of them, parents and holiday shoppers will find solace in the fact that they can get their hands on these perfect gifts, worry-free.