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How to Spruce Up Your Home Office

Today’s “wife mom boss” wears all the hats and having a place to get your thoughts together – or to get them out – is as valuable as oxygen. Whether you are fortunate enough to dedicate an entire room for your office or you have carved out space in a closet, under the stairwell, or tucked in a nook the possibilities for personalization are endless. Read on for how to spruce up your home office.

Find the Function

What will you do in your office space and how much space is available? This might seem like a silly question, but really? Does your work require plenty of space to spread out or do you just need a table for your laptop and planner? Will you linger over your morning mama fuelaka coffee? Will it be a private area or will you have others in the room from time to time? Finding the function of your office will help you decide on furniture and other accessories.

Consider Your View

What would you like to see from your desk? I like to gaze out a window when possible. If I don’t have a window, I like to place photos or artwork in front of me. Others prefer to position the desk looking into the room.

Maximize Your Walls

Walls are a tremendous asset in your office. Mix beauty with function by installing floating shelves to hold everything from supplies to fresh flowers. Peg board is another way to add a bit of fun to the function allowing you to hang items to display or mount baskets for storage.

Light Up Your Life

Do your eyes and your mood a big favor and don’t forget to add a fabulous light fixture. A well-placed mirror will reflect whatever light is in the room giving you a positive boost. A small candle will provide a calming effective to your soul.

Discover Personal Preferences

What makes you happy? Think colors, styles, textures. Maybe you like your work area to be free from clutter or surrounded by items that make you smile and spark your creativity. A furry area rug to dig into with your toes is cozy. Diffusing essential oils freshens the air and wakes up the senses. Maybe a personal-sized coffeepot is indispensable; after all, mama needs coffee, right? Find what makes you feel comfortable and productive.